Equipment Rentals

The Agricultural Service Board has the following equipment available for rent to County of Grande Prairie ratepayers on a first-come, first-served basis.

All rental equipment requires a $200 deposit. The renter must have a minimum $1 million dollar liability insurance on vehicle and farm land.

Tree Planter - $15 per day plus tax

  • Make sure the area where you plan to plant is thoroughly cultivated
  • Two people sit on machine, while unit moves slowly forward, allowing planting of large amounts of seedlings
  • Has both a 2" ball hitch and U-hitch
  • Has hydraulic hook ups
  • No safety light hook-up for transporting

Mulch Roller Applicator - $15 per day plus tax

  • After planting seedlings, you can use the mulch roller to cover the soil with a thin layer of plastic

  • The plastic barrier reduces weed competition and wicks moisture to seedlings.
  • Plastic mulch must be purchased by the landowner from a supplier
  • Has a 2" ball hitch
  • Has hydraulic hook ups/or compatible with three-point hitch
  • No Safety light hook up for transporting

Skid Sprayer - $25 per day plus tax

  • Requires tie-downs for transportation (2000 pound weight requirement)
  • Recommend removing tailgate 
  • Dimensions - 43" wide, 92" long, 4' high

  • Recommend 3/4 tonne truck
  • weighs 600 pounds when empty and approximately 1700 pounds when full
  • 36-foot broadcast spray
  • 200 gallon tank
  • Boomless boom (Ideal for fence lines, small areas, pasture land, acreages. Large droplet sprayer, not designed for spraying a canola crop)
  • Manual handreel with 300 foot hose with handwand

Cattle Tag Reader (Gallagher)

Please note that a computer (not included) is needed to operate the Tag Reader and to download information.

Beaver dam removals - $150 plus tax per quarter section (up to three dams) and $65.00 per dam thereafter.  

For inquiries, contact the Agriculture Services Department at 780-532-9727.