No Spray Agreement Program

Landowners who do not want herbicide applied to the right-of-ways next to their land must make an application for the No Spray Program. [PDF - 141 KB]

The No Spray Program allows a landowner to take responsibility for any noxious or prohibited-noxious weeds, as well as any brush growing on County right-of-ways, as well as for controlling any brush growing next to their land. If a No Spray Agreement is in place, the County will not apply herbicide to the right-of-ways adjacent to that land. County right-of-ways are not to be used as a buffer zone for organic producers or any other purpose. 

Applications for the No Spray Program must be completed each year, and submitted by April 15, 2016. There is a $25.00 late fee applied to all applications received after the deadline. Applications are reviewed by the Agricultural Fieldman, and if accepted into the program, a copy of the form, signed by the Agricultural Fieldman is returned to the applicant. No Spray signs are supplied and installed by the Agriculture Services Department each year, free-of-charge, and are removed at the end of each season. Homemade "No Spray" signs are not valid.