Kind Heart Awards Program

Everyone knows a neighbour that’s always there when you need them! They bring over a meal when you’re sick, plow out your driveway, shovel your walk, or help get the crop off.  They do these things without being asked or expecting anything in return because they have a “kind heart”!

We want to celebrate these acts of kindness that happen every day that make our communities such great places to live.  That’s why we have the Kind Heart Awards!

These awards ensure that those who do good deeds do not go unnoticed.  They also foster community spirit and encourage residents to help out when others are in need.

All residents and organizations are encouraged to participate in the Kind Heart Awards Program by nominating anyone who deserves an award.  Nominees will receive a letter of recognition, card, small gift and a pin.

The acts of kindness eligible for nomination will be diverse, and the County would like to receive nominations for a wide variety of good deeds.  An award will be given out for any act that helps another resident in need.

All residents living within County of Grande Prairie boundaries are eligible to participate.  The program is ongoing, and there is no deadline for nominations.

Nominate a Kind Heart today by completing this online form Kind Heart Nominations.pdf [PDF - 318 KB] or by calling FCSS at 780-532-9727.                                           

Kind Heart Awards Recipients

Kind Heart Awards were presented to the residents featured on this Wall of Honour, who deserve recognition and thanks for their acts of kindness and generosity.  Their willingness to help and their selfless good deeds make the County a better place to live.

Stephen (Steve) Boyne:  Nominated by Carla Boyne as a long term resident of the County who is always shovelling neighbours driveways, even after a long work shift, lending his trailer and helping load or unload moving boxes, changing oil, watching pets assisting with yard projects, repairing equipment, and most recently helping out with a flooded basement.  He never asks for anything in return, is always willing to share a smile, Girl Guide cookie and conversation and talk about what makes living in the County of Grande Prairie great.

Seth Eifert: Carol Mayer nominated Seth for having a Kind Heart. He is a young man who is always ready to lend a hand to his family, friends and neighbours. He is wonderful with seniors and often accompanies his father when he visits seniors in their homes and the hospital. He is quick to help those in need when it comes to problems with technology and is always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need.

 Krista Umble:  Nominated by Eva O’Handley for having a Kind Heart by always pop in with a hot meal and sweet treats, and often shovelling the driveway.  Even after moving out of the neighbourhood she continued to bring fresh garden vegetables, a supportive ear and a hug.  On Easter Sunday the neighbours where surprised with a complete Easter dinner.  She is always donating her time, and energy to the community, who all benefit from having her around.