Northwest Clairmont Area Structure Plan

The final Open House for the North West Clairmont Area Structure Plan was held Thursday September 21, 2017. Here is the latest version [PDF - 7 MB] of the plan. 

We are at the end of phase two which is the Open House and entering the last phase where we will be finalizing the ASP ( potentially having small revisions if necessary). As well taking it to Council for Public Hearing to hopefully receive support from Council.

For more information regarding the North West Clairmont ASP please contact Jeremy Dela Cruz at 780-513-3950/ for more information.   


An open house and stakeholder engagement session were completed in 2015, after which the project was delayed. What we heard at those events and through additional circulation of the initial draft documents has been listed below in general terms. We are actively seeking to work with you to make sure we correctly captured your earlier comments, or new ones, in the draft plan.


Earlier Feedback we have considered

  • Expand the study area.
  • Address flooding in the area southwest of Ferguson Lake.
  • Accurately consider wetlands and other natural features, including setbacks and how development impacts can be mitigated.
  •  A naturalized buffer around Ferguson Lake is important to allow recreational and natural value to be maintained.
  • Note the existing oil and gas infrastructure and appropriate setbacks and development requirements.
  • Dust, noise, smell and lighting nuisances should be minimized, especially in relation to the potential impact on adjacent/nearby residences.
  • Plan for suitable access to properties, and to accommodate increases in traffic.
  • Carefully manage impacts from industrial uses on existing uses or sensitive ones.
  • Consider the need for the landfill to expand and the related setbacks.


  • Some land owners wish to remain living in the area, some wish to develop.
  • Incorporate rail access to industrial properties.
  • Rail lines should include loops when possible.
  • Wider lots next to rail spur lines are more suitable to allow for ease of access.
  •  Connect and integrate with water and sanitation networks.
  • Encourage dark sky principles for lighting developments.



Industrial growth supports County wide economic development outcomes by providing suitable lands for development, including the opportunity for industry clusters. Commercial development meets the needs of a growing residential population in nearby Clairmont. Both industrial and commercial uses benefit from accessible markets provided by convenient highway and integrated rail accesses. The County landfill expands and gains access from the rail spur line for hauling opportunities. Existing institutional uses are maintained. Important natural features including Ferguson Lake, wetlands, and flood prone areas are preserved with mitigation and disturbance reduction measures. Efficient services and transportation infrastructure are provided instep with staged development.