Landscaping Recognition Program

Landscaping Recognition Program

The Planning and Development department launched a Landscaping Recognition Program for commercial and industrial businesses in the County in July 2017. The Program’s objective is to encourage higher levels of landscaping cooperation among new and existing businesses, and it features a contest to recognize and celebrate the lot that best meets the landscaping standards set out by the County’s Land Use Bylaw.

Brandt Tractor Receives 2017 Landscape Recognition Award of Excellence

Brandt Tractor has been selected as the winner of the County’s Business Landscape Recognition Program competition. The company was recognized for the care they have taken to create an attractive outdoor space to greet customers at their Clairmont location that also serves to make their neighbourhood more inviting and welcoming.

The friendly landscaping competition took place throughout the summer for businesses and associations operating in industrial park areas of the County. Businesses were judged on a number of factors including their use of landscaping design principles from the County’s Land Use Bylaw, effective year-round maintenance, and use of native vegetation.

“Brandt’s attention to landscaping has certainly enhanced the profile and image of their business since they moved in to the building over 10 years ago,” said Nick Lapp, Planning and Development Services Director. “But there’s further benefits in that it boosts the profile of the area where they are located and creates a professional environment that reflects well on the entire neighbourhood.”

“We are extremely proud of our property,” said Kevin Lavallee, Brandt Tractor Branch Manager. “It’s really a reflection of our business and the types of employees we attract who take pride and ownership in everything that they do.”

Brandt Tractor is the Western Canadian dealer for John Deere construction and forestry equipment.

The County thanks all business that participated in the program and for their attention. Landscaping reaps many benefits including enhancing property values; fostering a healthier and cleaner work environment for employees and customers; improving the streetscape and area character; respecting environmental values; and creating outdoor spaces that are self-sustaining, low maintenance and reduce overall business costs.

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Contest Information

The winner will be selected by the County Landscaping Committee, consisting of Reeve Leanne Beaupre, Councillor Daryl Beeston and other County staff, based on the following criteria:

  • Use of landscaping design principles from the County’s Land Use bylaw
  • Shows effective year round maintenance
  • Shows effective use of trees, shrubs, and/or perennial planting
  • Makes use of native vegetation
  • Is an industrial or commercial business located within the County

Nomination forms were accepted until August 31, 2017, and a winner will be chosen in September.

Benefits of Contest Participation

The winning business will receive:

  • A free advertisement in local media outlets
  • A plaque presented by Councillor Daryl Beeston
  • A staff barbeque
  • A write-up in the County Connections newsletter
  • An advertisement on a banner that will be used by the County at various events throughout 2017 and 2018

All participating businesses will receive free advertising on behalf of the County. This includes space on the County’s website for business descriptions and their landscaping vision, as well as frequent mention of the contest on the County’s social media pages.

Benefits of Landscaping

In addition to the direct benefits participants will receive, some of the advantages of effective landscaping include:

  • Enhanced property values
  • A healthier and cleaner work environment for employees and customers
  • A lot that is complementary to the streetscape and area character
  • Respect for environmental values and alignment with company environmental policies
  • Self-sustaining and low-maintenance vegetation
  • A reduction in overall business costs