Roadside Clean-up Program

About the Roadside Clean-up Program

The Roadside Clean-up Program is an annual program that allows non-profit community groups to earn money by picking litter along County roadways and within hamlets. In 2016, because of the efforts from 29 community groups, over 200 km of ditches along our County roadways and hamlet areas were cleaned, 12 tonnes of litter was collected, and a total of $35,000 was raised for their programs.

Applications forms are available to complete and submit in March of each year with the cleanup taking place in the month of May.


Safety is important to the County, we ask that all groups print and review the Clean-up Safety Plan.pdf [PDF - 27 KB] and have it on hand the day of clean-up.

The payment amount is $150 per kilometre, however there are some lump sum payment areas.  Each map will have the payment amount information included. The volunteers also have the opportunity to take all the waste collected to a designated County bin for an additional $200.

For more information, please contact Public Works at 780-532-7393.