Future of Saskatoon Mountain Natural Area

The Saskatoon Mountain Natural Area Recreation and Conservation Draft Plan survey has been formally approved by Council.   

What is the Purpose of the Plan?

The County contracted O2 Planning + Design to lead the collaborative development of a plan for recreation and conservation at Saskatoon Mountain Natural Area. Working with the public and stakeholders, the plan outlines strategies to improve the quality of recreation opportunities while managing conflicts and the impacts of recreation on the area's environmental and historic values. 

To view the plan please click here [PDF - 5 MB].

Who can I contact if I have questions about the Plan or the future of Saskatoon Mountain?

For any questions about the process, please email Megan Schur, Parks & Recreation Manager at mschur@countygp.ab.ca or call 780-532-9727.

Get involved and help shape the future of Saskatoon Mountain Natural Area - a special place with a range of significant recreational, ecological, cultural, and archaeological values.