Administration Policies

Policy Name



Policy Development

To establish procedures for the development of policies and principles by which the municipal Council is guided in the management of it's affairs and in the making of its decisions.

Policy B1 [PDF - 74 KB]

Recording of Council Meetings

To provide audio records of Council meetings and Council Committee Meetings to be used by Council and County staff for accuracy and clarification of the Meeting minutes.

Policy B10 [PDF - 83 KB]

Video Surveillance in Public Areas

To develop a video surveillance system policy that complies with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act thereby ensuring consistency of surveillance measures. 

Policy B17 [PDF - 590 KB]

Flag Protocol

To establish the process for ensuring proper protocol for Canadian, Provincial, County and other flags is followed by the County.

Policy B18 [PDF - 99 KB]

Mandatory Review of Policies

To provide a process to ensure County policies remain effective, current, necessary and aligned with the provincial/federal legislation and the County of Grande Prairie's Strategic Plan and Priorities.

Policy B20 [PDF - 87 KB]

Doctor Recruitment and Retention

To establish the amounts which the County is willing to commit towards the recruitment and retention of Physicians in communities contained within the boundaries of the County.

Policy B22 [PDF - 81 KB]

Visitor and Contractor Sign In Policy

To enable employees to identify authorized visitors and contractors that are located in County buildings and to assist emergency personnel to confirm during an evacuation, that everyone is out of the County buildings.

Policy B23 [PDF - 485 KB]