Staff Directory

Name Title Phone Email
Main Number 780-532-9727 Email
Sonja Raven Agricultural Fieldman ext. 2588 Email
Darrell Fisher Lead Problem Wildlife Officer ext. 2105 Email
Debbie Lloyd Customer Service Clerk ext. 2101 Email
Denis Bobocel Lead Mower ext. 2134 Email
Jill Henry Rural Extension Officer ext. 2104 Email
Kim Robson Agriculture Officer Vegetation Management ext. 2189 Email
Kurt Pierog Problem Wildlife Officer ext. 2105 Email
Marny Kenney Assistant Agricultural Fieldman ext. 2103 Email
Robert Sallis Pest and Disease Inspector ext. 2135 Email
Tracelle Hinze Agriculture Officer - Weed Inspecting ext. 2133 Email
Main Number 780-513-3952 Email
Janice Johnson Assessment System Operator ext. 1152 Email
Barry Donovan Chief Assessor ext. 1238 Email
Chris Gardner Assistant Chief Assessor ext. 1246 Email
Neil Alstad Assessor ext. 1253 Email
Tanya Plowman Assessor ext. 1231 Email
Adele Johnston Assessor ext. 1271 Email
Jessica Donovan Assessor ext. 1220 Email
Gina Rode Tax Roll Clerk 780-513-3968 Email
CAO Office
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Bill Rogan County Administrator ext. 1157 Email
Shannon Baird Executive Assistant to CAO & Council ext. 1158 Email
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Lesley Nielsen-Bjerke Communications Manager ext. 1240 Email
Jennifer Rubuliak Communications Officer ext. 1288 Email
Nicole McDonald Digital Media Specialist ext. 1208 Email
Community Services
Main Number 780-532-9727 Email
Kathleen Turner Acting Community Services Director ext. 2401 Email
Tracy Green Executive Assistant ext. 2120 Email
Corporate Services
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Dawn Sauve Director of Corporate Services ext. 1276 Email
Elaine Nickerson Procurement Specialist ext. 1290 Email
Herb Weber Facilities Specialist ext. 1265 Email
Justin Brown Risk Management & Insurance Coordinator ext. 1267 Email
Patricia Colosimo-Andreeff Executive Assistant ext. 1103 Email
Economic Development
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Chris King Economic Development Manager ext. 1156 Email
Hetti Huls Economic Development Coordinator ext. 1201 Email
Regional Enforcement Services
Main Number Community Services 780-532-9727 Email
Fax Line Community Services 780-567-5576 Email
Fax Line Regional Enforcement Services 1-888-779-5895 Email
Stuart Rempel Manager of Regional Enforcement Services ext. 2112 Email
Deborah Durban Administrative Assistant ext. 2109 Email
Stuart Fry Peace Officer Sergeant ext. 2142 Email
Cory Rigler Peace Officer Sergeant ext. 2141 Email
Kim Donecz Bylaw Enforcement Sergeant ext. 2138 Email
Darryl Haugen Pound Keeper 780-830-0199 Email
Adam Reiter Peace Officer ext. 2140 Email
Brett Anderson Peace Officer ext. 2144 Email
Clark Peters Peace Officer ext. 2143 Email
David Campbell Peace Officer ext. 2114 Email
Gavin Enns Peace Officer ext. 2169 Email
Jonathon Matula Peace Officer ext. 2145 Email
Katie Blakely Peace Officer ext. 2171 Email
Les Harms Peace Officer ext. 2145 Email
Lindsey Hennigar Peace Officer ext. 2147 Email
Wes Ducharme Peace Officer ext. 2139 Email
Justin Milsted Bylaw Enforcement Officer ext. 2184 Email
Ryan Li Bylaw Enforcement Officer ext. 2137 Email
Stefan Kratchmer Bylaw Enforcement Officer ext. 2170 Email
Shane Simms Bylaw Enforcement Officer ext. 2173 Email
Alex Holdway Enhanced RCMP ext. 2193 Email
Christina Wilkins Enhanced RCMP ext. 2152 Email
Garrett MacFayden Enhanced RCMP ext. 2113 Email
Main Number 780-532-9727 Email
Fax Line Fax: 780-567-5575 Email
Kathleen Turner F.C.S.S. Director ext. 2401 Email
Connie Masse Community School Liaison Counsellor ext. 2405 Email
Coree Ladwig Team Lead- Adult & Senior Program ext. 2402 Email
Danielle Callihoo Community School Liaison Counsellor ext. 2406 Email
Gabrielle Boulet-Frattini Community School Liaison Counsellor ext. 2407 Email
Georgia Iliou Community Program Coordinator 780-567-2843/ Fax 780-567-3792 Email
Jeanne Johnston-Grose Program Assistant Wellington Resource Centre 780-567-2843// Fax 780-567-3792 Email
Jolene Nellis Family & Child Development Coordinator ext. 2411 Email
Krystle Bush Community School Liaison Counsellor ext. 2404 Email
Lana Clarke Community School Liaison Counsellor ext. 2408 Email
Lisa Watson Team Lead - Family & Child Programs ext. 2409 Email
Melissa Wideman Program Assistant ext. 2400 Email
Vaughn Dueck Community School Liaison Counsellor ext. 2403 Email
Financial Services
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Accounts Payable Fax 780-513-4900 Email
Currently Vacant - Contact Dawn Sauvé, Director of Corporate Services Manager, Financial Services ext. 1276 Email
Brenda Baron Accounts Clerk ext. 1207 Email
Cheryl Lanti Junior Accountant ext. 1222 Email
Colleen Wessels Accounting Manager ext. 1263 Email
Darlene Keeping Accounts Payable ext. 1270 Email
Elaine Nickerson Administrative Assistant ext. 1159 Email
Gerry de Boer AS400 Systems Technician ext. 1285 Email
Jennifer Dobrowolski Payroll Clerk ext. 1242 Email
Michele Hoerner Accounting Supervisor ext. 1165 Email
Michelle Mennell Accounting Tech III ext. 1171 Email
Nichole Belcourt Financial Analyst ext. 1262 Email
Pat Deuchar Payroll and Benefits Officer 780-513-3966 Email
Shawnna deVries Payroll Clerk ext. 1232 Email
Sherry Avery Customer Service Clerk ext. 1202 Email
Trudy Peterson Administrative Customer Service Clerk ext. 1200 Email
Veronica Gaudet Accounts Payable Clerk ext. 1224 Email
Rommel Lamadrid Finance Officer Intern ext. 1239 Email
Fire Service
Main Number 780-532-9727 Email
Fax Line 780-567-5578 Email
Trevor Grant Fire Chief ext. 2597 Email
Dan Verdun Deputy Fire Chief of Rural Operations & Training ext. 2591 Email
Bart Johnson Deputy Fire Chief Operations 780-567-5584 Email
Ken Atamanchuk Fire Marshall ext. 2106 Email
Vivian Brulotte Administrative Assistant ext. 2115 Email
Human Resources
Main Number 780-513-3970 Email
Confidential Fax 780-532-9709 Email
Charlotte Bierman Human Resources Manager ext. 1217 Email
Dagny Guy Human Resources Administrative Assistant ext. 1226 Email
Tracy Dawe Safety Coordinator ext. 1292 Email
Legislative Services
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Sheryle Runhart Manager of Legislative Services ext. 1205 Email
Amanda Westwater Administrative Assistant ext. 1162 Email
Megan McCormick Administrative Assistant ext. 1258 Email
Sherry Green Corporate Records and Information Coordinator ext. 1175 Email
Tatiana Catana Administrative Assistant ext. 1160 Email
S. Louis Stikker Records Technician 1215 Email
Parks & Recreation
Main Number 780-532-9727 Email
Fax Line 780-567-5576 Email
Megan Schur Parks & Recreation Manager ext. 2175 Email
Barb Gordon Groundskeeping Crew Lead ext. 2180 Email
Laurie Barry Parks Coordinator ext. 2110 Email
Rikki Christie Recreation Program Coordinator ext. 2108 Email
Terry Dueck Facility Coordinator 587-297-1104 Email
Planning & Development
Main Number 780-513-3950 Email
Fax Line 780-539-7686 Email
Land Use Complaints ext. 1121 Email
Nick Lapp Director of Planning and Development ext. 1259 Email
Matthew Konowalchuk Senior Planner ext. 1177 Email
Baily Lapp Planner ext. 1153 Email
Donna Mann Planning Clerk ext. 1272 Email
Gordon Halliday Planning Compliance Officer ext. 1282 Email
Janice Canning Planning Clerk ext. 1268 Email
Jason Pfefferle Safety Codes Officer ext. 3216 Email
Jeremy Dela Cruz Planner ext. 1237 Email
Lisa Wanke Planning Officer ext. 1151 Email
Neil Seidner Safety Codes Officer ext. 1214 Email
Pam Mulloy Planning Clerk ext. 1261 Email
Paula McDermott Planning Clerk ext. 1244 Email
Rob Renschler Safety Codes Manager ext. 1251 Email
Shelly Page Planning Clerk ext. 1225 Email
Stefanie Miller Planning Clerk ext. 1178 Email
Tara Blake Planning Clerk ext. 1255 Email
Wayne Curry Safety Codes Officer ext. 1120 Email
Yasmin Sharp Planner ext. 1204 Email
Public Works
Main Number 780-532-7393 Email
Fax Line 780-539-9871 Email
Dale Van Volkingburgh Director of Public Works ext. 1243 Email
Alex Shepherd Project Support Lead ext. 1164 Email
Bobbi Nichol Administrative Assistant ext. 1227 Email
Carey Moulun Administrative Assistant ext. 1245 Email
Cassandra Chabot-Madlung Project Technologist ext. 1212 Email
Clint Diederich Operations Manager ext. 1279 Email
Deryle Penner Resource Coordinator ext. 1293 Email
Don Hogg Foreman District #2 ext. 1298 Email
Howard Laverick Foreman District #1 ext. 1250 Email
Jackie Robertson Administrative Assistant ext. 1219 Email
Jennifer Besinger Technical Service Manager ext. 1248 Email
Kamryn Smith Project and Regulatory Technologist ext. 3212 Email
Kevin Crawford Resource and Environmental Technician ext. 1211 Email
Lynda Caron Office Coordinator ext. 1269 Email
Lynette Torgerson Project Technologist ext. 1297 Email
Rick Smith Foreman District #3 ext. 1249 Email
Rob Naugler Project Technologist ext. 1213 Email
Sarah Dennis Asset Information Support Clerk ext. 1264 Email
Shane Kessler Construction Manager ext. 1274 Email
Main Number 780-532-7736 Email
Ken Osborne Shop Manager ext. 1235 Email
Joy Dunn Inventory Control Clerk ext. 1278 Email
Shawn Gerow Sign Shop ext. 1236 Email
Main Number 780-532-9722 Email
Natalia Madden Information Systems Manager ext. 1266 Email
Erik Kisner Information Systems Network Administrator ext. 1277 Email
Glen Kilian GIS Coordinator ext. 1223 Email
Erin Hogan Information Technology Services Leader ext. 1110 Email
Tracy Archibald Business Solutions Leader ext. 1155 Email
Jesse Penner Systems Support Coordinator ext. 1287 Email
Joshua Koop Service Desk ext. 1234 Email
Kristen Milburn GIS Analyst ext. 1221 Email
Matthew Hunt Business Analyst / Programmer ext. 1260 Email
Satbir Singh Integration Analyst ext. 3222 Email
Sophie Mercier Service Desk ext. 1210 Email
Stacey Dechief Service Desk ext. 1163 Email
Parm Kler Business Solutions - Temp 780-532-9722 Email