Planning & Development

Name Title Phone Email
Main Number 780-513-3950 Email
Fax Line 780-539-7686 Email
Land Use Complaints ext. 1121 Email
Nick Lapp Director of Planning and Development ext. 1259 Email
Matthew Konowalchuk Senior Planner ext. 1177 Email
Baily Lapp Planner ext. 1153 Email
Donna Mann Planning Clerk ext. 1272 Email
Gordon Halliday Planning Compliance Officer ext. 1282 Email
Janice Canning Planning Clerk ext. 1268 Email
Jason Pfefferle Safety Codes Officer ext. 3216 Email
Jeremy Dela Cruz Planner ext. 1237 Email
Lisa Wanke Planning Officer ext. 1151 Email
Neil Seidner Safety Codes Officer ext. 1214 Email
Pam Mulloy Planning Clerk ext. 1261 Email
Paula McDermott Planning Clerk ext. 1244 Email
Rob Renschler Safety Codes Manager ext. 1251 Email
Shelly Page Planning Clerk ext. 1225 Email
Stefanie Miller Planning Clerk ext. 1178 Email
Tara Blake Planning Clerk ext. 1255 Email
Wayne Curry Safety Codes Officer ext. 1120 Email
Yasmin Sharp Planner ext. 1204 Email