Photo by Kelly McLaughlinThe County of Grande Prairie is open for business and is committed to managing growth in a manner that promotes sustainable economic development and preserves the region's quality of life and environment.

Our objective is to provide our residents with top quality services, a clean, safe and friendly environment and remain globally competitive with the many products which we produce.

Here are just some of the reasons why we enjoy living and doing business here:

  • A strong economy supported by a thriving oil and gas industry fuelled by an abundance or energy reserves.
  • An abundance of forest reserves to responsible meet the needs of a sustainable forest products industry.
  • World-class agriculture production support by exceptional farm land.
  • An abundance of land suitable for both industrial and residential development.
  • An abundance of clean air and water.
  • Unmatched scenery and culturally diverse communities with limitless opportunities for leisure and recreation.
  • Regional strength created from policies such as no provincial sales tax and low municipal tax.
  • An exceptional quality of life with access to the best amenities, health services and community programs making the Grande Prairie Region an ideal place to raise a family.

The Grande Prairie area is deemed as one of Alberta's small business hotbeds offering excellent opportunity for continued growth in new businesses in upcoming years.