Glen Leslie Church Preservation

Glen ChurchIn 1915, people south of the Kleskun Hills banded together to build a log church near the homestead of Thomas Leslie. Work was completed that fall and on October 30, the first service took place in what became known as the Glen Leslie Church.

Since that day, the church has withered the ravages of time and was in need of repair. It remains one of the few pre-1920's structures left in the area. In 2011, the church was designated a Provincial Historic Resource and as such, qualified for matching funding for restoration work from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation. The Glen Leslie Church Preservation Group was formed on July 4, 2011 to oversee operations.

The restoration project was completed in 2015 and marked by the centennial celebration on July 19, 2015.

Centennial Celebration Book

If you are interested in the history of small communities in Northern Alberta from the early 20th century, the 150-page Glen Leslie Church Centennial Celebration book may be the one for you.

Follow the settlement of an area east of Grande Prairie known as Glen Leslie from conception until today. Envision the struggles the pioneers endured in an effort to provide a better life for their families and in the establishment of Communities. Read how Reverent Forbes and Thomas Leslie acquired land on which to build a church and plot a cemetery. See how the building also served as the school house for the Somme School District from 1918-1928 and was also the local Community Centre. Examine an excerpt from the diary of one of the teachers who taught during that timeframe. See how important the local store and post office was to the area along with information on the local clubs. Read how the cemetery was established and continuously maintained by local volunteers.

Books are available for sale from:

Board Members

  • Wanda Zenner - President (780-538-2702)
  • Theresa Moon - Secretary Treasurer (780-532-6198)
  • Irene Gitzel (780-539-3884)
  • Grant Bulford
  • Melvin Bulford
  • Jimmy Bulford
  • Gayle Moon
  • Jim Robertson
  • David Sorensen
  • Bill Leslie

The annual board membership fee of $10.00 is to be made payable to: Glen Leslie Preservation Group (download the Membership Form [PDF - 502 KB]).