Beaverlodge Health Care Planning Task Force

Health Care Survey

The Beaverlodge Healthcare Planning Task Force would like to thank members of the Beaverlodge and area community for their input. For more information, see the update.


The Beaverlodge Health Care Planning Task Force is seeking input from Beaverlodge and area and County residents. Share your opinion about the current health care service levels and areas needing improvements in the community of Beaverlodge by taking the engagement survey.

The Task Force consists of members from Beaverlodge, and leaders from the Town of Beaverlodge, the County of Grande Prairie and Alberta Health Services, and local health -care professional. The committee’s purpose is to review and finalize a plan for health care in the community of Beaverlodge, which addresses future infrastructure needs and community-based health care programs and services.

Feedback provided through the engagement survey along with input previously provided by the community will be taken into consideration when updating, reviewing and finalizing the health care plan.

For more information, see the Town of Beaverlodge and Alberta Health Services Joint Media Release: Task Force to Develop Beaverlodge Community Health Care Plan.