Delivering Value

The County of Grande Prairie is focused on providing high value to its residents and the community. The County invests in infrastructure, programs and services to ensure the County continues to be an ideal community to live work and play, now and in the future.

Sometimes the services are obvious. Other times, you may not even realize what goes on behind the scenes. Rest assured, County employees are hard at work serving you and your community. 

To learn more about your tax dollars at work, watch our brief video County of Grande Prairie: Delivering Value

Did you know…

The County of Grande Prairie:

  • Is almost 6,000 square kilometres in size. That’s roughly the size Prince Edward Island.
  • Builds and maintains 3,600 kilometres of paved and gravel roadways. That’s three times the entire length of Alberta.
  • Is connected by over 300 bridges. That’s one for every about every 9 km of road and the highest number of bridges of any municipality in the province.

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