High Speed Internet

I don't have high speed internet. Who do I contact to get this service?

Contact the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in your area. For a list of local ISPs visit www.countygp.ab.ca/services or call the County at 780-532-9722.

I have called all the ISPs and was told I could not have service unless I have a tower. Can the County sponsor a tower?

No, however the County of Grande Prairie is offering County residents and business free 68 ft. towers as they become available.   Here is what you will need:

  • Contact Expert Mobile Communications to be placed in a queue and arrange for pick up 780-539-3962
  • Provide proof of residence (Picture ID and utility bill)

I already have a County tower or receive internet service from a County sponsored local tower; may I shop around for another ISP?

Yes, like any other service you can shop around for the one that fits you best. For a list of ISPs in the area visit www.countygp.ab.ca/services.

Can I use the County tower that my neighbour is using to obtain high speed internet services?

Yes, the County has an access agreement with the land owner which allows the County and/or internet service providers to access the tower and extend the internet services to neighbouring properties if needed.

Can any ISP install equipment on a County sponsored local tower to provide me and others with internet service?

Yes, however, a License Agreement [PDF - 125 KB] needs to be filled out by the ISP before installing any equipment.

What if the ISP refuses to sign the license agreement?

A License Agreement [PDF - 125 KB] is a requirement; failure to sign the document will result in immediate equipment removal and legal action.

I have a County sponsored tower on my property, and/or receive service from one. Do I have to notify the County when changing providers?

Yes, notify the County and include the following information:

  • Your name 
  • Land location of the tower 
  • Name of the new internet service provider (ISP)

As well, please advise the new ISP that they will need to fill out the required License Agreement [PDF - 125 KB]with the County.

What do I do if I sell my property?

The new property owners will have to come to the County office to fill out a new agreement between themselves and the County.  Please call 780-532-9722 or email servicedesk@countygp.ab.ca before coming in so we can have the paperwork ready for you.

I am a tenant. Can I obtain a County sponsored local tower?

No, the landowner will have to take the steps necessary to obtain a County sponsored local tower for their land.

I am an ISP in the area and would like to know where the County sponsored local towers are located.

Visit our Open Data Catalogue and look for “Internet Towers”.

I am an ISP in the area and would like to be added to the County's services page.

Please send an e-mail to servicedesk@countygp.ab.ca requesting to be added.

Because the ISP is using a County sponsored local tower, should I contact the County if I have problems with my internet service?

No, the County does not represent any ISP. The County only sponsors the infrastructure (tower) so that residents can acquire internet services. Please contact your ISP for support.

I have a County sponsored local tower on my property but I don't need it any more. What do I do?

Please send the County a written request for the removal of the tower; the County will then make arrangements for removal and reuse. Important: Tower will only be removed if obsolete; if nobody else is obtaining service from the tower. Removing a tower without the consent of the County is not permitted.

County of Grande Prairie contact information:

Phone 780-532-9722
Fax: 780-513-6492
E-mail: servicedesk@countygp.ab.ca
Mail: 10001-84 Avenue, Clairmont, AB T0W 0H0