Library Board


To ensure the provision of comprehensive and efficient library services to the residents of the County of Grande Prairie

Since its inception in 1984, the County of Grande Prairie Library Board has focused on ensuring up-to-date library services for all residents of the County. Through the years our means of achieving this mission have expanded with new libraries, new funding, and with the new technologies available. The advent of interlibrary services and Alberta Public Library Electronic Network (APLEN) has enabled residents to access information from many sources. Our strong partnership with the Peace Library System and been greatly beneficial to both organizations as well as the communities they serve.

We value our relationship with all the Library Boards within the County boundaries and will continue to serve as a coordinating body to ensure networking and sharing of ideas and resources.

The Library Board operates the following library service points:

The following libraries are supported by the County Library Board:

For a list of libraries and related services in our region visit the Helpful Links Libraries page.