GIS Data Sets

The County of Grande Prairie collects and maintains data to help with everything from planning future development to finding ways to be more efficient. Some of this information is now available free-of-charge and viewable in the Public Web Map. Select data sets are also available for download from our Open Data Catalogue.

  • Aerial Photos
  • Municipal Addressing
  • Boundaries (County, Hamlets and Towns, First Nations Reserves)
  • Transportation (roads, highways, railways, etc.)
  • Major Centers
  • Parks
  • Land Use Zoning
  • Council Electoral Districts
  • Various County Assets (sidewalks, hydrants, bridges, etc.)
  • Alberta Township Grid
  • Lot, Block Plan
  • Subdivisions
  • Points of Interest
  • Topographic features (lakes, rivers, elevation contours, etc.)
  • Recycling Depots
  • Residential Garbage Pickup Routes
  • Landfills
  • Annexation Areas
  • Road Bans
  • Fire Permit and Fire Guardian Areas
  • And more information as it becomes available

Staff at the County of Grande Prairie often uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to collect our data. This poster shows a brief overview of how GPS works, please click on the image to view the full size poster.

What is GPS