Public Web Map

The Public Web Map is an interactive, easy-to-use web map of the County of Grande Prairie accessible to residents, businesses and organizations. The Public web map provides Geographic Information System (GIS) information about the County and its partner towns. The public web map has an assortment of tools that allows users to access:

  • Aerial Photos
  • Points of Interest
  • Contact Information
  • LSD/ATS Grid
  • Road Placement
  • Property Search and Reports
  • Rural Addresses
  • Municipal Boundary
  • Lot, Block and Plan labels
  • Zoning
  • Map Printing to PDF
  • Electoral Districts

The County has a goal of improving services available to residents, ratepayers and businesses. A part of service improvement is making the services we provide accessible in as many different methods as possible anytime and anywhere.

New Features

The County continues to broaden the public web map tool capabilities and introduce new features.

Address Lookup

Users can now search for rural and civic addresses (within the County) and centre the map on that address. 

Contour and Elevation Information

Recently, 50cm contours and a 50cm elevation model were added to the public web map. This allows users to view detailed elevation information on a property showing high and low spots as well as providing a general idea of the drainage surrounding a property.

Driving Directions

The public web map can now provide driving directions for multiple residential and business locations throughout the County.

Land Use Zoning

Land Use Zoning information can now be found on the public web map. This means users can now see the designations given to the land; as well, there is a clickable link that directly brings users to the downloadable Land Use Zoning Map on the County's website. The downloadable map shows land use zones; the date of when the map was last updated; and the general state of development of areas surrounding the land.

The public web map can also specify the zoning of properties in a given area through colour coding and labels.

Tax Certificate Purchasing

Tax certificates show total levies and the current/arrears balance on properties located within the County and are useful when selling or purchasing a property. Bellamy Software and the County Finance & Systems department have worked together to allow the purchasing of tax certificates through the public web map.

Need to print a map?

Did you know you can get PDF map files from the public web map (including aerial photography) maps printed? If you are interested in having a map printed, there are several local print shops that can accommodate your printing needs. For more information visit our Printable Maps page.