Group Overnight Camping & Day-Use Reservations and How To

The County is now accepting group camping reservations at all of our campgrounds.  For reservations follow the instructions provided below.   Each campground identifies the total number of RV units that can be accommodated and range from three units and to as large as 21. Payment for group reservations is accepted in cash, debit, or credit card only.  No cheques.

There are two group reservation options available:

  1. Exclusive use of the campground when you pay for all the campsites.
  2. Non-exclusive use of the campground when you pay for 75 per cent of the campsites and allow other customers to occupy the vacant campsites.  Refer to each campground page for the total number of campsites.

How to reserve your group camping preference:

  1. Select the campground of your choice in the list on the left.
  2. Call or email the contact on that campground webpage and specify the dates you would like to reserve.
  3. Upon confirmation of space availability, arrange payment with Parks & Recreation at the Community Services Building. Some sites require a group rental form to be signed and returned. Once payment is processed, and the rental form signed, the reservation is confirmed.