Directed by the Agricultural Service Board (ASB), the Agricultural Services Department increases awareness of agricultural issues within the County of Grande Prairie. It is responsible for enforcing the Weed Control Act, the Soil Conservation Act, the Agricultural Pests Act, and assists with disease control under the Animal Health Act.

VISION: To preserve our agricultural heritage while promoting a vibrant agricultural future based on innovation, co-operation, leadership and environmental stewardship.

MISSION: To foster our Vision by demonstrating proactive leadership, environmental stewardship and co-operation with stakeholders and other agencies and pursuing innovative, effective solutions and programs.

This County is fortunate to have a proactive ASB that is committed to the success of agriculture in our County. They have enabled us to have a wide variety of programs that directly benefit our rural residents.  We have roadside mowing, herbicide application, weed inspecting and pest & disease inspecting programs, a No Spray Program, a pesticide container recycling program at the Clairmont landfill, and are exploring alternative methods for environmentally friendly pesticide rinsate disposal.

Our Rural Extension Officer is available to assist ratepayers with Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) applications, Environmental Farm Plans and other extension services. Two Problem Wildlife Officers help with beaver and coyote problems, as well as assist in enforcement of the Agricultural Pests Act. We also provide a variety of educational opportunities through workshops, and are actively partnering with other agencies to resolve weed issues on lands of mutual concern.

We are here to help our ratepayers, be they agricultural or rural residents with matters that concern them.