100 Years of Farming

The 100 Years of Farming policy was recently revised by the Agriculture Service Board and approved by Council to recognize the significant contributions that our century farmers have made to the development of the County. There are now two streams for the 100 Years of Farming Award. 

The Heritage Homestead Award requires applicants to have had continuous ownership of their homestead land, and have been continuously farming in the County for the past 100 years.

The new Pioneer Farming Family Award recognizes those families who have been farming continuously in the County of Grande Prairie for 100 years, either on land they own or have rented. Specific criteria [PDF - 329 KB] for each award is described in the policy [PDF - 260 KB] and application [PDF - 83 KB] form.

We welcome applicants for these awards, and look forward to celebrating more of our incredible centennial farmers!