Environmental Farm Plans

Environmental farm planning is a voluntary, confidential, self-assessment process that helps producers identify potential environmental risks and determine ways to minimize those risks. Producers must complete an EFP to be eligible for the Growing Forward Stewardship Plans.

Producers interested in developing an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) may attend workshops and draw on the services of the County's Rural Extension Officer, who is also a designated EFP Technical Assistant.

Participants attend a one day introductory and information-sharing workshop to learn how to perform environmental risk assessments and to develop a plan to address identified risks.

Any producer that wants to access Growing Forward Stewardship Funding, increase the health and safety awareness on their farm, minimize negative ecological impacts on their farm, increase acceptance by neighbours for their operation, etc. is encouraged to complete an Environmental Farm Plan.

For more information regarding the Environmental Farm Plan, visit http://albertaefp.com/.

Green Acreages Guide - Stewardship for Small Acreages

Developed especially for acreage, hobby farm and recreational property owners, the Green Acreages Guide is a workbook to help property owners develop and implement stewardship practices that conserve the air, land, water and wildlife associated with acreage properties.

For more information about this workbook, visit http://www.landstewardship.org/green-acreages-guide/.

For help completing an Environmental Farm Plan or information about upcoming workshops, contact Jill Henry at 780-532-9727.