Alternative Crop Trials

The County Agriculture department has started a pilot project for growing alternative or niche crops on local farmland. This project hopes to determine what new or alternative crops can grow and thrive in our soil and climate; and thus provide information for growers interested in diversifying or trying innovative crops.

These crop plots are used for growth and demonstration purposes only. Several of the alternative crops may have more than one variety planted to show the different growing habits and maturity dates.

The variety of Silage Corn being grown has proven to be a good option for local producers. Faba beans are faring well as is the Buckwheat and Tillage Radish, which is a great tool for rebuilding soil condition.

If you have any suggestions for alternative crops you would like to try growing or would like to see tested please call the Agricultural Fieldman, Sonja Raven at 780-532-9727.