Mowing Program

Important Safety Message to Motorists

With County mowing crews reporting close calls and dangerous situations on an almost daily basis due to speeding motorists and dangerous driving, the County is taking increased measures to keep crews and all drivers on County roads safe.

The County has installed dash cams on mowing equipment, and mowing crews will be reporting dangerous drivers who are tailgating, driving too fast when passing powers, and passing unsafely to County Regional Enforcement Services. Motorists who are driving dangerously or speeding beyond the posted speed limit may be charged or fined accordingly.

Mowing crews work along roads and ditches throughout the County during the warmer months. To increase safety on County roads, the County is asking all drivers to take the following precautions:

  • Be alert and watch for mowers along County roads and ditches.
  • Immediately reduce your speed as soon as you see mowing equipment.
  • Do not attempt to pass mowers, or any slow-moving equipment, until the road is clear and you are sure it is safe.
  • When passing, ensure you maintain a reduced speed and leave plenty of room (minimum 15 meters) between your vehicle and the mowing equipment.
  • When passing, make sure you can see the mowing vehicle in your rear-view mirror before you proceed back into the right lane.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Agriculture department at 780-532-9727.

About the Mowing Program

As part of our vegetation management mandate to control noxious and prohibited noxious weeds, as well as maintain clear sight-lines for the safety of motorists, the County of Grande Prairie No.1 mows approximately 7,200 kms of roadside.  As an added benefit, proper mowing of roadside edges also helps maintain the road in better condition by allowing any water to drain into the ditch and not be captured by dense vegetation at the edge.  This allows the road edge to dry out properly, and maintains the integrity of the road for longer periods.

Our four Kubota tractors with Degelman side-arm combination mowers are busy from late May through to snowfall in October.  Our team of dedicated, hard-working mowers ensures all ditches are mowed at least once per season, with many roads receiving a second cut later in the year.  We greatly appreciate the help of landowners who keep the ditches clear of rocks, wire and debris, as this allows us to cover more ground, as well as keeping our tractors and operators safe and working.