No Spray Agreement Program

Landowners who do not want herbicide applied to the right-of-ways next to their land must make an application for the No Spray Program. [PDF - 359 KB]

The No Spray Program allows a landowner to take responsibility for any noxious or prohibited-noxious weeds, as well as any brush growing on County right-of-ways, as well as for controlling any brush growing next to their land. If a No Spray Agreement is in place, the County will not apply herbicide to the right-of-ways adjacent to that land. County right-of-ways are not to be used as a buffer zone for organic producers or any other purpose. Any areas brushed by the County Public Works department that are within a No Spray area are to be maintained of any regrowth by the no spray applicant.

Applications for the No Spray Program must be completed each year and submitted by April 15. There is a $25 late fee applied to all applications received after the deadline. Applications are reviewed by the Agricultural Fieldman, and if accepted into the program, a copy of the form, signed by the Agricultural Fieldman is returned to the applicant. No Spray signs are supplied and installed by the Agriculture Services department each year, free-of-charge, and are removed at the end of each season. Homemade "No Spray" signs are not valid.

Submit your completed No Spray applications by:



Mail: Agriculture department at 10001-84th Avenue, Clairmont, Alberta T8X 5B2


Fax: 780-567-5589.