Barley Scald

Barley Scald is a leaf disease that, like most other leaf diseases, is caused by a fungus. This fungus has a very short, 7-10 day life cycle which allows it to spread very quickly in a crop if the conditions are right. Rain splash is the greatest contributor to transfer of the disease from plant to plant. Fungi are also carried over on crop residue and infected seed.

Disease Life Cycle

What To Look For

Leaf infection Infected barley crop
Late-stage leaf infection Severe leaf infection


Barley Scald is a disease that, fortunately, has a good number of preventative measures available, below are a few:

  • Use good quality seed with high germination and vigour
  • Treat seed with recommended treatment at proper rates
  • Plant resistant varieties, especially when continuous cropping with barley
  • Rotate varieties when choosing seed
  • Follow a good fertility program
  • Scout fields regularly to detect signs of disease
  • Apply an in-crop fungicide treatment when necessary using a registered product at recommended rates