Barley Yellow Dwarf

Barley Yellow Dwarf is not a particular problem in our area although it is something that needs to be considered as a disease to monitor. This is a viral disease which is spread from plant to plant by an aphid, much like Aster Yellows in canola. The virus can also attack other cereals such as wheat and oats.

Disease Life Cycle

What To Look For

Leaf infection Severe leaf infection


Barley Dwarf Yellow is more difficult to handle than other diseases because it is a virus that is spread by an insect. However there are methods to reduce the impact on crops:

  • Maintain good crop health through fertilization, certified seed and proper seed treatments
  • Eliminate host plants such as volunteer cereals, grasses etc.
  • Rotate crops to include non-host plants
  • Introduce parasitoid insects where available
  • Use insecticide application when aphid thresholds are met and only where absolutely necessary