Black Point

Black Point is primarily caused by a fungus which affects the kernels of wheat and barley. The resulting infection is responsible for the discoloration of the tips of the seed. This may result in loss of grade, and perhaps yield, in the harvested sample. This fungus, like many others, thrives in moist and warm conditions.

Disease Life Cycle

What To Look For

Severe wheat seed discoloration Wheat seed discoloration
Barley seed infection  


The fungus that attacks wheat and barley plants and causes Black Point is mainly caused by uncontrolled leaf diseases that occur earlier in the growing season. There are some precautions that can be taken to reduce or avoid problems:

  • Control leaf diseases before they get established in a cereal crop
  • Use registered fungicides at recommended rate and appropriate time
  • Plant resistant varieties
  • Properly rotate crops planting susceptible crops every 3 years
  • High rates of nitrogen application increase the prevalence of this disease, so reduce rates when possible