Canola Clubroot

Clubroot is a devastating disease that attacks canola. Monitoring and sampling fields for Clubroot continues throughout the growing season in the County. This disease is spreading rapidly throughout the Province.  Recent discoveries of breakdown in Clubroot resistant varieties have surfaced in areas surrounding Edmonton. This has made proper management practices in our County more important than ever. Check out the County's Clubroot Policy D19 [PDF - 511 KB] and the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan. [PDF - 669 KB]

What To Look For

Infection symptoms

Patches of canola infected with clubroot

Severe infection symptoms

Decaying gall


There are many measures you can take to prevent the spread of Clubroot. These measures include:

  • Scout canola early and often throughout the growing season.
  • Use a four year rotation of canola to reduce the chances of getting Clubroot.
  • Practice equipment sanitation for limiting the spread of the disease, such as removing soil from equipment before exiting fields.
  • Use cleaned and fungicide treated pedigree seed, as well as Clubroot resistant varieties as part of your crop rotations.