There are many types of grasshoppers in Alberta, but the three main ones of concern in the County are Migratory, Two-Stripe and, to a lesser degree, Clear-Winged. These pests can become a serious issue when drier and warmer summers, combined with milder winters, lead to an increase in populations.

What To Look For

Two-Stripe grasshopper Two-Stripe grasshopper
Migratory grasshopper Migratory grasshopper
Clear-Winged grasshopper Clear-Winged grasshopper


Grasshoppers have become a major concern in many areas in the County. Although they are difficult, and sometimes very costly to control, there are a few strategies that may decrease their impact on crops:

  • Practice an Integrated Pest Management approach which will encourage the development of natural predators of grasshoppers
  • Plant crops earlier, if possible, to avoid damage at most susceptible times
  • Use buffer strips of less attractive crops (Oats and Peas) around the edge of fields that are more likely to have an infestation
  • Mow headlands to reduce suitable grasshopper habitat
  • Apply an early application of insecticidal bait to control early stage grasshoppers as they enter the field
  • Scout fields regular to detect early stage grasshopper movement
  • Apply a registered insecticide at recommended rates early and around the outside borders of fields