Lygus Bugs

Lygus Bugs are very common in the County, as they are throughout Western Canada. They may be present in a large number of fields in varying degrees of infestation. Here in the Peace Region, their main target is canola but they are also found in large numbers in alfalfa crops. The insects feed on canola during the bud stage and from beginning to end of pod filling. The majority of the damage occurs during the podding stage.

What To Look For

Nymph Adult
Lygus feeding on bud Seed and pod damage
Stages of development


Lygus Bugs can be a significant pest in canola, but in some instances the numbers found are not necessarily indicative of the damage being done. Proper scouting needs to be done to determine the extent of the infestation. Following are some practices to aid in the control and prevention of these insects:

  • Scout fields regularly to determine the number of lygus and the extent of the damage being done
  • Also watch for beneficial insect predators of Lygus Bugs
  • Practice an Integrated Pest Management program to deal with the problem
  • When required, apply a registered insecticide at recommended rates to provide control of the infestation