Rust Complex

There are three types of rust that may occur in Alberta; Stem Rust, Leaf Rust, and Stripe Rust. One of the things that make rusts harmful to cereal crops is their ability to spread rapidly due to many spores being released. It moves readily on the plant as well as from one plant to another. Spores don't over-winter here and come in on southern spring winds from the US.

Disease Life Cycle

What To Look For

Stripe Rust in barley Stripe Rust in winter wheat
Crown Rust in oats Stem Rust


Although Rusts are not a particular problem in this area it is simply good management to prevent the disease from establishing here. Some guidelines to follow are listed below:

  • Plant resistant varieties whenever possible
  • Apply a registered seed treatment and plant early
  • Practice crop rotations that allow for at least a one year break between cereal crops
  • Control volunteer cereals in other crops grown in the rotation
  • Scout crops regularly and use a recommended fungicide at proper rates if required