Canola Seedling Disease Complex

Seedling Disease Complex is made up of three different but similar pathogens which are Rhyzoctonia, Fusarium and Pythium. These pathogens are soil-borne fungi that attack the seed and root systems of canola. Various soil conditions will favour one fungi over the others, which allows that particular disease to survive and spread quickly. Our County has different soil conditions throughout, and therefore creates a situation where we could have all three diseases within our boundaries. Tighter crop rotations may also be a factor in the presence of these diseases.

What To Look For

Seedling Disease Complex
Damping off
Rhyzoctonia Wire stem Rhyzoctonia


Seedling Disease Complex can become a serious problem if soil conditions are right for the fungi to spread. However there are measures that can be implemented to decrease losses:

  • Follow good crop rotation practices
  • Use clean, treated, certified seed with good germination
  • Seed into warm soil
  • Place seed at proper depth