Problem Wildlife

Problem Wildlife officers are responsible for controlling wild animals that could have a negative impact on agriculture and farming operations. This includes but is not limited to:

Our Problem Wildlife officers are licensed and equipped to deal with problem wildlife concerns, including beaver dams that may be threatening infrastructure or cropland. Priority for dam removal is given to County infrastructure such as roads and bridges, after which they are available to assist county citizens.  Dams cannot be removed on neighbouring properties without that landowner's express permission. You are responsible to book the officers if you need them, and also to cancel the booking if you change your mind, or remove the dam yourself. Oftentimes when dams are removed, the beavers also need to be trapped, or they will simply rebuild the dam in the same place. Our officers can assist with this as well. Charges for dam removal are $150 for up to 3 dams per quarter section. Additional dams on the same quarter are $65 each. If you have 1 dam each on 2 quarters, the charge will be $300 ($150 per quarter charge). Please be aware, during busy times, dam removal wait times could be two to three weeks.

Problem Wolves

Recently, there have been increased sightings of wolves in parts of the County. Our Problem Wildlife officers are available to help with these types of situations. The officers in partnership with Fish and Wildlife work with landowners to assess and offer a solution that addresses the problem.

Anyone who has lost cattle or other animals due to wolf attacks or has concerns about wolf behaviour around livestock, contact the Agriculture department at 780-532-9727 or the local Fish and Wildlife Office at 780-538-5265

For further information about wildlife species considered to be pests or nuisances refer to the Agricultural Pests Act. [PDF - 338 KB]

Contact Us

If you are experiencing problems with beavers flooding your land or logging your trees, coyotes or wolves harassing your livestock, or have other questions regarding beaver dam removal, rat identification or questions of this nature, please give our Problem Wildlife specialists a call at 780-532-9727.

Beaver Dam Removal - $150 plus tax per quater section (up to three dams) and $65.00 per dam thereafter.