Weed Control

The Agricultural Services Board helps landowners identify and develop options to control noxious and prohibited-noxious weeds in the County of Grande Prairie.

Legislated under the Alberta Weed Control Act, the Agricultural Services Department manages invasive introduced weed species which may affect agricultural production and biodiversity. Its management program includes weed inspection, herbicide application, weed picking and roadside mowing to prevent the establishment and spread of noxious and prohibited-noxious weeds on County lands. Weed inspection is also conducted on private lands within the County of Grande Prairie, as per the Weed Control Act.

For more information on weeds commonly found in Alberta and specifically within the County of Grande Prairie visit the Noxious Weeds and Prohibited Noxious Weeds pages.

Watch our Weed of the Week videos to learn more about Noxious and Prohibited Noxious Weeds.

Weed Control Program for Small Acreage Owners

The County Agriculture department  offers small acreage owners access to more effective herbicides for weed control on their properties.  Currently, anyone who owns less than 40 acres cannot purchase any herbicides other than those available at local hardware stores (Killex, RoundUp, etc.). Unfortunately, many of these herbicides are not always effective against weeds such as tansy and Canada thistle. In the case of RoundUp, they kill all vegetation, including grass, which is not often desirable.

The County partnered with the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen, Alberta Environment and Lakeland College, as well as herbicide companies, to develop a program whereby small acreage owners can take a course specifically designed for them and their needs. Acreage owners will receive certification, which, when taken to the County Agricultural Fieldman, will allow the owners to access two of the more effective herbicides for weed control. The active ingredients are found in agricultural and industrial formulations of some of our most effective herbicides for controlling our harder-to-control weeds. Very little actual herbicide is required, which reduces the potential environmental impact.

This program allows smaller acreage owners the ability to obtain herbicides that are effective on weeds they are working to control, while ensuring that they can do so in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner.  The combination of taking an online course and working with the Agricultural Fieldman ensures that safety and environmental responsibility will remain at the forefront of any weed control activities.

The link to the Lakeland College website is: https://www.lakelandcollege.ca/academics/environmental-sciences/Pesticide-Certification/homestudy-courses/

Cost for the course is $75.  For more information, contact Agricultural Fieldman Sonja Raven at 780-532-9727.