Weed Inspection

The County of Grande Prairie typically employs eight seasonal weed inspectors, who inspect lands within the County for noxious and prohibited-noxious weeds.

Landowners are required by law to eradicate all prohibited-noxious weeds and to control all noxious weeds on their property. Control means to render all reproductive mechanisms non-viable and to prevent the plant from spreading. Common noxious weeds include Scentless Chamomile, Common Tansy, Tall Buttercup, Leafy Spurge, Common Toadflax and Canada Thistle. (Dandelions are not considered noxious weeds.)

(a) The Weed Control Act, Section 12 (1) states: "An inspector may enter land or inspect land or personal property at a reasonable time to monitor compliance with this Act, including making inquiries, taking samples or performing tests, or
(b) to enforce and inspector's notice, local authority's notice or Minister's notice in accordance with section 18".

Section 12 (2) states: "An inspector shall not enter a building unless the owner or occupant of the land on which the building is situated

(a) consents, or
(b) has been given a written notice."