Weed Report Vs. Weed Notice

Weed Report

If a weed inspector finds noxious or prohibited-noxious weeds on a property, they will inform the landowner of the weed infestation and its location. Upon return to the office, they will write a Weed Report documenting the weed found, its location, any attempts to contact the landowner and subsequent actions taken. A Weed Report is different from a Weed Notice in that it documents the presence of a potential problem, and outlines the actions taken with regard to that problem.

Weed Notice

A Weed Notice on the other hand, is a legal document issued under the Alberta Weed Control Act. A Weed Notice may be issued if an occupant or landowner fails to address the weeds identified previously in a Weed Report. If a Weed Notice is not complied with, fines and/or charges may be billed to the landowner to cover the costs associated with the County controlling the weed infestation. The associated fees cover any and all control methods used. If the bill is unpaid, these charges are applied to the tax roll. If the land is being rented out, both the renter and the landowner are named on the Weed Notice; however, all charges resulting from non-compliance with a Weed Notice are billed directly to the landowner.