Annual Property Inspections

Property Inspections are conducted so that all characteristics of the property, that affect the assessment, are considered when the assessor determines the property‚Äôs value. This makes determining the assessment a fair and accurate process. 

Inspections start in July and continuing till January in the County of Grande Prairie. All Assessors will have their photo ID on them for identification purposes at all times, and will be driving a clearly marked vehicle with unit numbers on them. 

Reasons for Assessors visiting your property include: 

1. New Development based on development/building permits that have been taken out with the County of Grande Prairie Planning Department.

2. Checking on the progress of a building project from year to year.

3. Checking the status of parcels of land taking into account legislation set out in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) as well as the associated regulations.

 Farmland vs. Non-Farmland

 Residential Use vs. Non-Residential Use

4. To verify sales information as our Valuation each year is based on Market Value.

(What buildings/chattels were included in the sale, was there a deal given to the purchaser or a discount, and   to make sure all the information is correct in our records)

5. To follow up on requests to re-evaluate and verify all the information collected on a property 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Assessment Department at 780-513-3952.