Living Wage Report for the Hamlet of Clairmont

According to Living Wage Canada, living wage is the hourly rate of income at which a household can meet its basic needs, taking into consideration government transfers and deductions like taxes (Living Wage Canada).

The County of Grande Prairie has supported the 2017 Living Wage estimate calculation for the Hamlet of Clairmont. According to the calculations, $19.12 is the hourly rate that equals a living wage for a family in Clairmont.

How is Living Wage calculated?

The Canadian Living Wage Framework (CLWF) developed by Vibrant Communities Canada was used as a guide to calculate the Hamlet of Clairmont’s 2017 Living Wage.

Calculation Method

Annual Family Expenses = Employment Income + Income from Government Transfers – Taxes


  • Annual Family Expenses are basic inclusions such as food, shelter/rent, childcare, transportation, etc. They do not include special budget items like owning a home, pet ownership, alcohol or tobacco, etc.
  • Employment Income is before taxes are deducted
  • There are a number of subsidies, benefits, and transfers that would potentially benefit low-income households in Alberta including Canada Child Tax Benefit, Goods and Services Tax, Alberta Climate Leadership Adjustment Rebate, etc.

Curious about the calculation, and looking for more details? View the summary [PDF - 962 KB] or read the full 2017 Living Wage Report for the Hamlet of Clairmont [PDF - 1.3 MB].

For more information, contact Family and Community Support Services at 780-532-9727.