On December 6, 2019, County of Grande Prairie Council adopted the 2020 interim budget, which prioritizes maintaining essential services, programs, critical roads and infrastructure; improving safety; and supporting community and quality of life, while factoring in the current economic conditions.

The overall $143.7 million budget includes estimated expenditures of $78.4 million for general operations and $65.3 million for capital. The proposed tax increase for an average residential property is 1 per cent. That is a $18 per year increase on a residential property valued at $435,000. 

In the spring, we will be balancing our budget and setting the tax rates when provincial funding and our assessments are confirmed, and levies are set.  Learn more about the County of Grande Prairie's budget process and check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

A few of the services, programs and projects Council approved for 2020 include:

  • Approximately 63 per cent of the capital budget is going towards capital road and bridge projects
  • $5.6 million in recreation, community, culture, FCSS, seniors and special needs transportation, and library grants to various organizations
  • $5 million for critical infrastructure projects to support sustainable growth including the installation of a sewer line in Clairmont, a new water treatment plant in La Glace, stormwater drainage in Clairmont along 156 Ave, and land purchase for industrial development
  • A 15 per cent increase to the Regional Enforcement Services budget for two additional RCMP Enhanced Policing members to work out of the Beaverlodge RCMP detachment, who will primarily focus on crime reduction in the West County to allow for existing RCMP Enhanced Policing Officers to concentrate on crime reduction in remaining areas of the County
  • Approximately 63 per cent of the Agriculture budget going towards the Weed Management Program
  • $505,000 for business partnerships and initiatives including the Tri-Municipal Partnership, the Commercial investment and attraction strategy and the business visitation program
  • $410,000 for 2nd Access Engineering Study at Pipestone Creek Campground, and site upgrades at Pipestone Creek Campground and Bear Lake Campground
  • $337,000 for new traffic control system for emergency vehicles, and equipment replacements and upgrades for Regional Fire Service

Find out more about the 2020 interim operating and capital budget by reading Interim Budget aims to maintain services considering current economic climate - MEDIA RELEASE.