Regional Fire Service

Regional Fire Service works to lead our region to emergency preparedness. We strive to deliver the best possible fire protection and safety services to avoid loss of life and property through prevention, education and response.

The County of Grande Prairie provides Regional Fire, Investigation and Medical services from two full time, three Paid on Call and four Contract departments. Stations are located in Beaverlodge, Bezanson, Clairmont, Dunes, Hythe, La Glace, Sexsmith, Teepee Creek and Wembley.

The County has ongoing Mutual Aid agreements with both internal and external fire departments, such as the MD of Greenview and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, for fire suppression, equipment and resources.

The County Regional Fire Service endeavours to exceed the Alberta Code of Practice for Firefighters (2008) ensuring that all Firefighters train to the NFPA 1001 Level II Professional Firefighter standard. Once complete all County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service Firefighters will perform annual competency skill checks demonstrating retention of knowledge and ability.

In case of Emergency call 9-1-1. 
Contact the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service at 780-532-9727, by fax at 780-567-5578.

Important Notice

Fire Preparedness Steps Being Taken in Rural and Remote Areas of the County in September 2019

Every second counts during an emergency. That’s why during the month of September, County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service will be working throughout the County, testing existing rural water sources and locating new sources. The initiative is part of the County’s commitment to all of our residents to continually work to improve our fire department’s emergency response times. This includes knowing in advance where all the water sources are located, and ensuring adequate supply and flow is available.

What will members of Regional Fire Service be doing?
All firefighters will be in uniform and will be driving a County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service marked vehicles. They will be taking notes and pictures to record the site. In some cases, personnel may draw water from a dry standpipe to ensure these are functioning and that a ready water supply will be available in case of a fire. Most of the water drawn will be returned to the source.

How can our residents help?
County residents play a key role in helping our Regional Fire Service ensure there is water available for fires that might occur in rural and remote areas. Contact our Regional Fire Service at 780-532-9727 and let us know where water sources and old standpipes are located on your property.

About fighting fires in rural/remote areas

When a fire scene is not equipped with hydrants, the delivery of the water to extinguish the fire is a challenge. It is hard to maintain necessary water flow and ensure that the water does not run out. By understanding our water sources in advance, our firefighters can be better prepared when deciding if they need to set up a direct supply line to the best nearby water source, or if they have to bring water to the scene using a water shuttle. 

Are any water sources on private property?
Some of the water sources and dry standpipes are on private property. The County has agreements with property owners to install and use the standpipe. In cases where we are on private property, our testing crew will attempt to make contact in person with the property owner to notify them of our actions. The cooperation with local residents is greatly appreciated as it improves safety not only for their own families, but for their neighbours as well.

What are dry standpipes?
Put simply, they are mechanical devices – or tubes – that extend under the surface of a water source from a location that a truck can access.

For more information, contact Regional Fire Service at 780-532-9727.