FireSmart Champion Workshop

About the FireSmart Communities Program

The FireSmart Communities Program increases the safety and security of fire-prone regions by encouraging residents to become Community Champions who lead their neighbours in implementing solutions and action plans for wildfire mitigation. 

Participants of the Program attend a two-hour Workshop and then work with a local FireSmart representative to guide their neighbourhood as they fireproof the area.  In the County of Grande Prairie, our local representative is Fire Marshal Ken Atamanchuk.

In communities with a Champion, the risk of loss from a wildfire is proven to be significantly reduced.  

Many communities with a Champion hold annual events dedicated to reducing their neighbourhood’s vulnerability to wildfires.  This event can be as simple as gathering volunteers to clean up hazardous vegetation.  These annual events strengthen community ties, and also go far in protecting people and property. 

More Information

If you would like more information, please visit the FireSmart website at

Alternatively, please contact Ken Atamanchuk at 780-532-9727 or by email at