Mountain Pine Beetle Program

Mountain Pine BeetleWork continues on eliminating the Mountain Pine Beetle. Thanks to the Province for the Provincial Forest Resource Improvement Grant to remove more than 118,000 pine trees infested with the beetle on 2200 hectares in the Dunes, Wapiti Nordic Ski Trails and Evergreen Park.

The program - a partnership between the County of Grande Prairie and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development - aims to reduce fuel levels and protect residential and commercial areas from the risk of wildfires in the Dunes.

In operation since 2010, the local FireSmart initiative has targeted the beetle infested Dunes area in the Southwest portion of the County. Infected pine trees are harvested as they die. Extra clean-up will be conducted to ensure the fire hazard is reduced even more than normal logging operations. Heavier debris such as tops of trees are piled and burned. Lighter debris is spread throughout the logged area, not only reducing the fire risk but promoting the natural regeneration of pine trees.

Eighty per cent of the costs are funded through the sale of the harvested timber to forest companies. The remaining 20 per cent is covered by grants.

For more information visit our Pests and Disease Control page about the Mountain Pine Beetle.

ReLeaf Program

Tree Canada's Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf program is aimed at replacing trees lost to the advance of this invasive insect. This program is offered to residents, landowners, and municipalities that have lost trees killed off by the mountain pine beetle. For more information, please visit their website.

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