Long Service Award Recipients

Fifty County of Grande Prairie employees have been received recognition awards for long term service in 2019. The following employees and members of Council received long service awards:

Name   Milestone Anniversary Position  Department
Stan Suess  5 Mower Operator  Agriculture
Jessica Vanin  5  Assessor  Assessment
 Tracy Green  5  Executive Assistant  Community Services
 Justin Brown  5  Risk Management and Insurance Coordinator  Corporate Services
 Patricia Colosimo-Andreef  5  Executive Assistant  Corporate Services
 Dawn Sauve  5  Director  Corporate Services
 Herb Weber  5  Facilities Specialist  Corporate Services
 Hetti Huls  5  Economic Development Coordinator  Planning & Development Services
 Cory Rigler  5  Peace Officer Sergeant  Regional Enforcement Services
 Jackie Robertson  5  Administrative Assistant   Regional Enforcement Services
 Melissa Bourk  5  Early Childhood Development Program Facilitator  Family and Community Support Services
 Elissa Moe  5  Program Assistant  Family and Community Support Services


Nathan Beardmore

 5  Firefighter  Regional Fire Service
 Dustin Donnelly-Kent  5  Firefighter  Regional Fire Service
 Phillip Hubert  5  Firefighter  Regional Fire Service
 Devon Schwalm  5  Firefighter  Regional Fire Service
 Michael Skykora  5  Fire Captain  Regional Fire Service
 Cole Streeper  5  Firefighter  Regional Fire Service
 Megan Beson  5  Legislative Services Clerk  Legislative Services
 Tatiana Catana  5  Legislative Services Clerk  Legislative Services
 Jaden Douville  5  Groundskeeper  Parks & Recreation
 Tara Blake  5  Planning Clerk  Planning & Development Services
 Baily Lapp  5  Planner  Planning & Development Services
 Dwayne Denison  5  Grader Operator  Public Works
 Joy Dunn  5  Inventory Control Clerk  Public Works
 Gerald Huppe  5  Heavy Equipment Operator  Public Works
 Jason Laderoute  5  Heavy Equipment Operator  Public Works
 Alliyah Rowland  5  Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management Equipment Operator  Public Works
 Larry Schram  5  Mechanic  Public Works
 Justin Thomas  5  Parts Runner  Public Works
Warren Wageman 5 Heavy Equipment Operator Public Works
 Coree Ladwig  10  Adult & Senior Programs Team Lead   Family and Community Support Services
 Pam Rintoul  10  Early Childhood Development Program Facilitator   Family and Community Support Services
 Jean Van Dyk  10  Home Support Worker   Family and Community Support Services
 Veronica Harding  10  Accounting Supervisor  Financial Services
 Jason Nesbitt  10  Deputy Fire Chief  Regional Fire Service
 Wade Wilson  10  Heavy Equipment Operator   Family and Community Support Services
 Sophie-Ellen Mercier  10  Service Desk Technician  Information Systems
 Leanne Beaupre  15  Reeve and Division 3 Councillor  Council
 Zwaanette Camplair  15  Home Support Worker  Family and Community Support Services
 Lisa Wanke  15  Development Services Manager  Planning & Development Services
 Art Rigby  15  Mechanic  Public Works
 Lynda Caron  20  Office Manager  Public Works
 Howard Laverick  20  Area Foreman  Public Works
 Barry Donovan  25  Assessor  Assessment
 Janice Johnson 25 System Operator  Assessment
 Stuart Rempel  25  Manager  Regional Enforcement Services
 Kathleen Turner  30  Director  Family and Community Support Services
 Dale Green  35  Utilities Officer  Public Works
 Grant Houseman  40  Grader Operator  Public Works