County Sportsplex Pond


The walking trail and the County Sportsplex Pond will be CLOSED for the winter season.

The County Sportsplex Pond is located east of the playground at the Crosslink County Sportsplex (7407 - 108 Ave, Clairmont, AB). Thanks to a partnership with Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) the pond has been stocked with about 2,200 rainbow trout. We invite angling and fishing hobbyists and enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels to come on down and test out the waters. We would like to remind everyone taking advantage of the County Sportsplex Pond for fishing that the pond is catch and release only. We follow the rules of Alberta Fish & Wildlife.

Do I need a license?

As per the Alberta Fish & Wildlife regulations, anyone between 16 and 64 years old must obtain a license before fishing anywhere in Alberta, including the County Sportsplex Pond. People under 16 or over 65 years of age do not require a license. Visit for more information and to obtain a fishing license.  

Can I keep the fish?

Our pond is a catch and release only pond. 

I don't have a license. Can I help my child fish? 

According to Alberta Fish & Wildlife, you may assist your child in fishing as long as the child is the one primarily fishing.  

How many fish are in the pond?

Our pond is stocked with about 2,200 rainbow trout every spring.

What other activities can I do at the County Sportsplex Pond?

Non-motorized boating is allowed at your own risk. There is no swimming or skating allowed on the pond.

What are the hours of operation?

The pond can be accessed and used daily and during daylight hours. The County asks that the public avoid using and accessing the pond during and after rainfall.

Can I ice fish at the County Sportsplex Pond?

Ice fishing is not allowed at the County Sportsplex Pond as the County of Grande Prairie does not monitor the ice thickness of any storm water ponds or natural bodies of water. Therefore, ice conditions are unknown and unpredictable.

The County Sportsplex pond is a storm water pond and has an inlet and outlet pipe with water flowing most of the year. Moving water, water temperature changes due to vegetation or drainage along with fluctuating weather conditions lead to unknown, unpredictable and dangerous ice conditions.

Other important information

The County Sportsplex Pond is designed to control stormwater, be advised that storm water levels can change suddenly without notice. Please avoid using the pond during and immediately after periods of rainfall.

Do not release aquarium water, plants or dead or live animals into the pond. Common aquarium plants and animals can become invasive and cause harm to the environment.

Conservation sites are available for recreational access at your own risk. By accessing these properties, you agree that ACA and the County of Grande Prairie are not liable for any injury or damage whatsoever caused to yourself or others irrespective of the cause of injury or damage.

The ACA will be responsible for annually stocking a “put and take” fishery and monitoring dissolved oxygen levels. Angling methods and fish harvest limits are governed by Alberta Sportfishing Regulations. The pond falls within Fish Management Zone 1 – Watershed Unit ES4.  The County of Grande Prairie Parks and Recreation department will oversee the pond operations.

For more information, contact Parks and Recreation 780-532-9727.

Annual Programs

Kids Can Catch Event 

The County of Grande Prairie has teamed up with Alberta Conservation to host the province-wide program, Kids Can Catch Event at the County Sportsplex Pond located at 7407 - 108 Street in Clairmont (on the east side of the Sportsplex parking lot behind the playground) This event is free to attend and creates a non-competitive family fishing atmosphere to hook new and young anglers on fishing. It is a chance to fish and learn about fish conservation and responsible angling.

This event is open to families with kids under 16 years of age. You can bring your fishing gear or use the event fishing rods. Kids under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to participate in the event.

 We are excited to have this program as an annual event every summer.

 Learn more about our recreation programs here.