County Recreation Boards

What is the role of a County Recreation Board member?

You are responsible for reviewing all applications for operating grant funding from community- based organizations, and will collectively recommend specific grant allocations to County Council for approval.

How is the Recreation board funded?

County Council allocates funding annually to each of the six Recreation Boards. The allocations will include a common base level of funding for each Board and a per capita allotment. The level of funding will be established during County Council’s annual budget process and will be financed through general revenues or such other funding source as may be determined by Council.

What are the Recreation Board Designations and Boundaries? 
Country Council provides operating assistance through the establishment of the following six County Recreation Boards:  
  • County of Grande Prairie No. 1 - Sexsmith-LaGlace-Teepee Creek Area Recreation Board 
  • County of Grande Prairie No. 1 -  Clairmont-Bezanson Area Recreation Board
  • County of Grande Prairie No. 1 - Beaverlodge-Elmworth-Huallen Area Recreation Board
  • County of Grande Prairie No. 1 - Wembley-Dimsdale-Saskatoon Lake Area Recreation Board
  • County of Grande Prairie No. 1 - Hythe-Demmitt-Valhalla Area Recreation Board
  • County of Grande Prairie No. 1 – Grande Prairie Area Recreation Board
 The boundaries of each of the Boards are defined in Schedule A.
Who makes up the board?
County Recreation Boards are each composed of seven members, two of whom are members of County Council and five of whom represent the residents within the Recreation Board boundaries as follows: 
  • One elected or administrative official from any incorporated municipality within the recreation board boundary, nominated by the incorporated municipality
  • Members at large representing a diverse geographic area

How do you become a board member?

County Council must approve all appointments to recreation boards as per policy B30 Public Appointments to Comittees [PDF - 294 KB]. Appointments shall be on the basis of public advertisement inviting applications from residents or other eligible persons for the appointments. 

Public advertisement will take place prior to the annual Organizational Meeting and Council shall approve all public appointments to Boards and Committees at the annual Organizational Meeting. If a vacancy occurs prior to the end of a term, advertisement and appointment of a new member may take place before the annual Organizational Meeting. Applications are to be submitted to Council for consideration and appointment. 

What are the terms of appointment and responsibilites ?  

• County Councilors – annual terms approved at the County Organizational meeting

• Incorporated municipality representatives – annual terms approved at the County Organizational meeting

• Members at Large – four year terms approved at the County Organizational meeting
The Chairperson for each Board shall be selected from within the Board at their annual meeting.
County Recreation Boards member will call for applications from eligible organizations and groups. The Recreation Boards typically meet annually during the first two weeks in May to review applications for assistance. If necessary, County Council may recommend that Recreation Boards meet more often. Each County Recreation Board will make recommendations to County Council for those organizations and groups who are to receive funding. County Council will make a final determination as to recipients of financial assistance.

If you have any questions please contact Nora-Lee Gilkyson at 780-532-9727