Did you know that the County Parks & Recreation department is in charge of maintaining the trails throughout the County year-round?
After a significant snowfall of two inches or more, County Parks & Recreation maintenance crew are out clearing snow and ice from the trails in Clairmont; Wapiti Dunes Trail; and Evergreen Park Trail. This means that outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts will be able to use the trails with ease year-round.
The Parks & Recreation department clears snow, ice during the winter season and debris in spring/summer/fall seasons from routes in the following order:
  1. County Fire Hall parking lots and sidewalks
  2. Crosslink County Sportsplex parking lots
  3. Community Services Building parking lot and sidewalks
  4. Clairmont Trails; Wapiti Dunes Trail and Evergreen Park Trail

Trail Etiquette

If you are using the trails this winter:
  • Do not litter; dispose of waste/garbage in the garbage cans provided along the trail
  • Dispose of pet droppings in pet waste dispensers which are located at the garbage receptacles
  • Use the right side of the trail if possible (treat it like a road system)
  • Yield to faster moving users
  • Ensure you are visible to other users
  • Wear bright clothes, and ensure you have reflectors if using the trails when dark outside
  • Give audible signals when overtaking another user
  • Use vocal communication if you do not have a horn or bell
The use of motorized and off-highway vehicles is strictly prohibited.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding snow removal on trails please contact the Parks & Recreation department at 780-532-9727.