Wapiti Dunes Trails

The first phase of the Wapiti Dunes Multi-Use Trails was completed in 2013. Recreation enthusiasts are encouraged to enjoy this trail among other walking and nature trails in the County. The Wapiti Dunes trail is a 5.6 km paved trail. The parking area for accessing the trail is located on the south side of the Correction Line Road (Highway 668) opposite the road to the Aquatera Landfill.

Using the trails in the following manner will reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a more safe experience for everyone:

  • Use the right side of the trail if possible (treat it like a road system).
  • Yield to faster moving users.
  • Ensure you are visible to other users.
    Tip: Wear bright clothes, and ensure you and your bicycle has reflectors if using the trails when dark outside.
  • Give audible signals when overtaking another user.
    Tip: Use vocal communication if you do not have a horn or bell.
  • Practice Caution when passing another user.
  • Keep pets on a leash and clean up after them.

As well, the use of motorized vehicles including trucks, cars, motorcycles, and all off-highway vehicles is prohibited. Please obey all posted traffic signs, failure to do so is an offence and may result in fines.

Please refer to the contact information below to submit a question, inquire, concern, complaint, or emergency.

Concern Organization number
Emergencies Fire, Ambulance, RCMP 9-1-1
Criminal Offences, Trespass, Weapons, Shooting RCMP 780-830-5701
Traffic Safety RCMP 780-830-5701
Off-Highway Vehicles County Regional Enforcement Services 780-532-9727
Liquor Offences County Regional Enforcement Services 780-532-9727
Wildlife Fish & Wildlife 1-800-642-3800
Dog Offences County Regional Enforcement Services 780-532-9727
Litter Found Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 1-800-222-6514
Littering in Progress RCMP
County Regional Enforcement Services
Maintenance County Parks & Recreation 780-532-9727

You, as a user of the trail, will become the “eyes of the County”. Your timely communication will help ensure that the trails are a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.