Bezanson Area Structure Plan FAQ

About Bezanson Area Structure Plan

The County is undertaking a five-phase process to develop an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the Bezanson area. To date, the first three phases have been completed. There are two phases that need to be completed before the Bezanson ASP can be adopted.

Where are we at?

The County is currently in Phase Four of the Bezanson Area Structure Plan. Thus far, the planning and development staff have engaged with Bezanson Study Area residents and landowners at two separate open houses. From these consultations, residents identified suitable land uses to be included in the ASP area and the locations for future Residential, Commercial and Industrial developments in Bezanson. The workshop groups who participated in the open houses created four Land Use Concept Plans. The County’s Planning and Development Services, with assistance from consultants – WSP and V3, have translated the vision of the community from these maps into a single draft Land Use Concept Plan. The preliminary Land Use Concept Plan can be seen here.

Bezanson ASP Frequently Asked Questions

What is an area structure plan (ASP)?

ASPs provide a framework for the development of lands for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. They also ensure that development is conducted in a manner that is consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the County. Also, ASPs are prepared by the Municipal Government Act, Subdivision and Development Regulations, and the County's Municipal Development Plan.
Developing an ASP can be a long and complicated process, involving many external agencies and approvals.

For more information about ASPs visit our Area Structure Plan FAQ.

What is the Bezanson ASP?

The Bezanson ASP is a comprehensive outline of policies that will guide future development in the hamlet of Bezanson and the surrounding area.

Why is the County developing an ASP for Bezanson?

The primary purpose of the Bezanson ASP is to encourage growth in the area by identifying residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities. Specifically, the plan will assess Bezanson’s current infrastructure and then provide direction to ensure efficient growth and expansion of transportation and infrastructure within the study area.

Why an ASP now?

The County initiated the ASP as a response to increased population and development in the surrounding area.

What area is included in the ASP?

The proposed land included in the ASP is approximately 30 km east of Clairmont, along Highway 43 between Range Road 34 and Range Road 31. The area is 3,840 acres and is made up of 24 quarter sections.

When and how were residents and landowners notified about the ASP?

Landowners were informed of the process in early 2015 and were encouraged to attend the first open houses on March 3 and 4, 2015, at the Bezanson Memorial Hall. The County also sent invitations in the mail and through the Agricultural Society, put up posters around town and posted event information on the County’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page that encouraged Bezanson residents and landowners to attend a subsequent Land Use Workshop in June 2015. The purpose of this Workshop was to build on the work accomplished at the previous open houses held in March.

If the ASP identifies agricultural land that is better suited for residential or industrial use, will development occur?

If the ASP identifies land currently designated as agricultural to be more suitable for residential, commercial or industrial uses, landowners may continue to use the land for agricultural purposes. The agricultural land use will change as landowners decide to rezone and develop their land; therefore, residential, commercial and industrial rezoning and development may occur around or adjacent to privately owned land.

Who is responsible for the proposed interchange along the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 733?

All primary and secondary highways are controlled by the provincial government under the Ministry of Transportation. Alberta Transportation has proposed a location for the future interchange, but the project start date has not yet been determined. The County is designing the Bezanson ASP to reflect the location proposed by Alberta Transportation. For more information regarding the interchange, contact Alberta Transportation, Grande Prairie District Office, at 780-538-5310.

Where is the land designated for residential, commercial, and industrial use located in the plan area?

The County of Grande Prairie Planning and Development services staff, in consultation with Bezanson residents, have considered the vision of community members and the demands of future growth in light of planning principles to create a Draft Land Use Concept Plan. This Plan designates districts for residential, commercial and industrial land use in the plan area and can be seen here.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact Yasmin Sharp, Planner 780-513-3950 or by email at