Bezanson Area Structure Plan

 The County has been working closely with the community of Bezanson to create an Area Structure Plan (ASP) since early 2015. To read the most current Draft of the Bezanson ASP, click here [PDF - 54.8 MB]

                                            PDF of Above Map [PDF - 377 KB]

The purpose of an Area Structure Plan (ASP) is to provide a policy framework to guide future land use and infrastructure development within the Plan area.

The Bezanson ASP [PDF - 54.8 MB] is currently being circulated to landowners within and adjacent to the Bezanson Plan area (see below). Both landowners and relevant agencies (i.e. Alberta Transportation, Alberta Environment and Peace Wapiti School Division) will have until June 23, 2017 to provide comments and feedback regarding the Draft Bezanson ASP. Following the circulation period, the ASP will be reviewed and updated in light of comments received, if required.

Those circulated will receive written notification of the date and time of the Public Hearing that the Bezanson ASP will be brought forward for First and Second Reading from County Council. Prior to Third Reading, the ASP will be sent to Alberta Transportation for Ministerial approval. 

Section 9-72-3-W6 Section 10-72-3-W6 Section 11-72-3-W6
Section 14-72-3-W6 Section 15-72-3-W6 Section 16-72-3-W6

                                       PDF of Above Map [PDF - 606 KB]

If you have any questions or comments please contact Baily Lapp, County Planner at 780-513-3950, or